“I thoroughly recommend him.”

I have been working with Ryan for nearly a year and I thoroughly recommend him. As a regular runner I considered myself relatively fit and healthy, but Ryan showed me that there is more to it than just pounding out the miles! He creates individual plans to focus on specific goals, incorporates weight training and stretching, and provides sensible, realistic guidance on nutrition. He has a great sense of humor and will push you to achieve more than you thought you were capable of.

— Catherine B.

“Working with Ryan was a great experience.”

Ryan is a fantastic trainer. My wife and I worked with him doing partner training up until a couple of months before our child was born. He helped us both set goals and gave us each a personalized training program to reach them. He made sure we moved correctly during the workouts to keep us safe and injury free. He also helped us get better with our diet and being aware of what we are eating. Working with Ryan was a great experience and I highly recommend him.

— Aaron E.

Ryan's passion for training and fitness is truly inspiring. I always look forward to learning new things and getting that extra "push" to do my best. His knowledge, expertise and happy attitude is always appreciated and makes me look forward to training each and every time!

— Amanda P.


“I have seen a lot of progress and feel great!”

I have been working with Ryan for the past 6 months. As a former athlete with a lot of past injuries, Ryan has paid attention to my progress and tailored each workout to improve my weaknesses and keep me healthy. I have seen a lot of progress and I feel great! I'd recommend anyone to Ryan, he is great with beginners and veteran fitness folks.

— Matthew F.

“I feel challenged every time we train.”

I’ve trained with Ryan for about 3 months now, and I couldn’t be happier. He really pushes me and designs a program tailored to my style of training. I’ve done my research and had initial consultations with other trainers in Chicago, but the vibe wasn’t there. After talking with Ryan on the day I met him, I knew we were on the same page. I truly feel challenged every time we train, and it’s always a fun.

— Larry W.

Look, there are average trainers, and then there’s Ryan. I’ve been working with him since January, and not only has he helped me increase all of my personal records, he’s done so in a way that has been customized to my specific physical strengths and limitations. His workouts are challenging and varied to keep things interesting, and I’ve appreciated learning more about my own kinesiology in the process. I’m always impressed by Ryan’s ability to design great routines and to identify the appropriate level of challenge at any point in my progression. I’d recommend Ryan’s training to anybody, regardless of their specific fitness goals, because I know he’ll take the time to develop a perfectly customized program!
— Andrew K.

“Absolutely the best!”

Ryan is absolutely the best! I have had lots of lifelong problems with weight, fitness and trying to do the basics in terms of taking care of my health. Ryan is the first trainer that I've met who has been super patient, supportive and constructive in building my interest and ability in fitness. He worked with me to develop not only an exercise plan, but an eating plan, water plan and sleeping plan to maximize the benefits of my exercise. Only a small part of all of that work takes place in the gym. In the gym, he has explained why he chooses the exercises and repetitions that he does and creates plans for even a few minutes at home to maintain fitness between sessions with him. It is obvious that he invests this much in every client, and I am so grateful to be working with him on my weight loss/improved health journey!

— Sheila R.

“My body composition changed noticeably.”

When I started working with Ryan in 2017, my initial goal was to lean out. My go-to (running) wasn't working for me anymore, and that's when I turned to Ryan for some help. The program that Ryan put together focused on diet and high intensity full body weight training circuits. After 8 weeks, my body composition had changed noticeably, and I felt and looked much fitter and leaner. Clothes fit better and the measurements in the areas I was concerned about bulking were actually down. Meanwhile, I had gotten significantly stronger, and every week I had to increase the amount of weight needed to reach that same level of exhaustion. I never expected to make significant strength gains and to be working so much with heavy weight while still slimming down and not bulking up!

— Stevenson J.