One-on-one and semi-private personal training in Chicago. Come get strong with us!


Tailored Strength is a personal (one-on-one) and semi-private (2-6 people) training facility that emphasizes strength training through barbell and kettlebell movements and integrates everything in between, including sandbag, medicine ball, and suspension training. No matter the size of your group, you can expect a completely tailored workout—based on your needs, your limitations, and your goals—and you’ll find a strong sense of community.

One-on-One Training

One-on-one Training

One-on-one coaching instructs you on proper lifting techniques, introduces you to exercises that target your specific goals, and helps you meet your full potential. 

Semi-Private Training

Small Group Training

Team training, while still customized, offers a cost-effective way work alongside others to meet your goals, adding in some extra motivation and support.

Online Training

Online Training

Online training is great for those who have a basic understanding of and access to a gym but just need an extra layer of accountability and support.



“I've been training with Ryan for months, and I'm so glad I chose him. My sessions with him are fun yet informative and productive. He patiently teaches me the proper form and goes through the routine no matter how much whining he receives.”

- Josefina M.